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League Challenge

What is the League Challenge?
The League Challenge tournaments are are new for the 2014 season and replace the former TCG Battle Road tournaments. Active leagues will get the opportunity to organize a League Challenge once during each league season year-round. This change will give more players an opportunity to test their mettle in a rating tournament. The League Challenge tournaments are intended as lower qualifying tournaments and the outcome of a match of each player is of importance to winners how many Championship points will earn they will earn. This is important for players to earn an invite for the World Championships (Learn more about Championship points (click here)).
The results and pictures from these tournaments can be seen under button "Tournaments › Results 2013-2014".

Tournament structure
Participants play with their own decks in the Modified Constructed format. That means that the use of cards is limited to certain series. Prior to the tournament, during the player meeting, one has to hand over a decklist and during the tournaments there will be deck checks.
Cards present in the series mentioned below are allowed:


name series/card


NXD BW Next Destinies
DEX BW Dark Explorers
DRX BW Dragons Exalted
BCR BW Boundaries Crossed
PLS BW Plasma Storm
PLF BW Plasma Freeze
PLB BW Plasma Blast
DRV Dragon Vault
PR BW 33 - on  
MCD McDonalds Collection 2  

The tournament will continue to feature Swiss-only play with no top cut. The tournament is run using Age Modified Swiss pairings, 2-out-of-3 + 3 turns in rounds of 50 minutes + 3 turns.
Participants are divided into 3 divisions, dependent on the year of birth. These divisions are:
Junior division: born in 2003 or later;
Senior division: born in 1999; 2000, 2001 or 2002
Masters division: born in 1998 or earlier.

Don’t forget when you participate in this tournament
Take care that you have your PlayerID at hand;
Read the tournament rules, so you know what to bring to this event;
Have your decklist form (see left under the "Registration › decklist” button) filled in completely prior to the tournament;
Have your cards at the same follow order as you decklist for deckcheck;
Be at the venue on time, as those that arrive too late will receive a “round loss”.

The main prize of a League Challenge is a special Trophy card handed out to the first to 4rd place winners of each division only.

The size of the League Challenge tournaments are generally more limited in scope than the City Championships. Therefore, to avoid disappointment, it is important to determine to register to secure your registration. Even if unable to participate it is highly appreciated by the organizing gymleague / tournament organizer to inform him of your withdrawal. For registration see under button "Registration › Tournaments".

Admission fee
€ 2,50

For dates of tournaments see under button Tournaments › Tournament calendar.

For questions or more information you can always contact: